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You can hear it in their music, identify it in their fashion, and see it in their eyes: today's young generation lives in a demanding and unsympathetic world. Their misuse and abuse of sex and drugs has led to more premature deaths than ever before.

The majority are being raised in splintered families, some with only one parent, others with double sets of parents, and many with a stepmother or stepfather. Before reaching adulthood, every fourth young person will be abused by someone they know.

Absolutes are old-fashioned, truth is relative, and all your secrets are online. Triumph and joy have been trampled under the weight of life's frustrations and disappointments. And, in the temperamental onslaught of popular opinion, it seems contentment and satisfaction are unreachable. Whether or not we want to acknowledge it, we are already neck-deep in the turbulence of this young generation. We must find a way to bring hope and purpose into the chaos. With incredible resources at their fingertips, young people are taking globalization beyond politics and economics. Leaders of prestigious universities around the world have labeled this group "The Great Generation." They are connected through Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, World of Warcraft and other virtual communities. Education and knowledge are accessible to anyone with an internet connection through the pages of Wikipedia and online universities.

Young people are linked whether they live in New York, Mumbai, Dubai, Nairobi, or Shang Hai. They have the same hopes, dreams, and heroes. They listen to the same music, watch the same movies, and recognize the same brand names like Nike and Apple. Both businessmen on Wall Street and rural farmers in China have the same mobile devices and surf the Web. Airlines promise to take you to more destinations faster than ever before.

We know that today's youth are capable of changing the world! With this Discipleship Training School, we will help you discover God's vision and dream for your life!

Did you know that more than half of the world's population lives in cities? These cities reflect a lonely world, stripped of community and relationship. As desperate people compete for their piece of the pie, the cost of living and crime rates rise.

Whether rich or poor, the inhabitants struggle daily with money, temptation, and feelings of isolation. In the face of crushing debt and skyrocketing unemployment, people turn to homelessness, prostitution, and drug addiction. They live in an anonymous world: if they disappeared overnight, no one would notice or really care.

Did you know that there are more than three billion people who have never heard the name of Jesus? most of These people live in the "10/40 Window," a region of the world stretching from Morocco in Northwest Africa, through the Middle East, and across Asia. In this zone live some of the poorest of the poor. Mired in horrible living conditions, famine, and war, these people are dominated by the tenets of Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism. More than 50 percent of the population in the 10/40 Window is under 18. They usually don't have access to education, and often begin working as early as age eight to supplement their family's income.

If this world is important to you and you would like to change it, then this school is for you! Your age or level of spirituality don't matter. Are you prepared to let God use you? If you have questions about the future, or already have some answers and are looking for confirmation for the next steps, then join us for the Disipleship Training School in Herrnhut!

The Challenge

Lecture Phase

Young people from all over the world, totally committed to reaching the unreached with the love of Jesus, come together for this Discipleship Training School (DTS).

The DTS is for anyone who longs to make a difference in the world. It will change you forever.

A DTS is more than just another school. It is an opportunity to dedicate six-to-seven months of your life to focus entirely on Jesus. Our emphasis is the tangible relationship God wants to have with you, not random facts about religion. You will meet God: you will see with His eyes and dream His dreams.

The DTS is designed to deepen your passion for God. You will experience Him in new ways and learn essential concepts about God's character.

In the three-to-four month lecture phase, you will be discipled by teachers from all over the world. In some of our special focus DTS schools, we also provide further training in creative/art-focused areas such as photography, music, and video production.

The second part of the DTS is the outreach phase. This is your chance to put everything you've learned into practice.

God will use you to preach His gospel and serve among the poor and destitute. Outreach is a dynamic time in which you will experience God's healing, direction, and the ways he moves in people's hearts. Outreach locations are in areas of the world's greatest need: the 10/40 Window.

Becca (24)
"Doing a DTS has definitely been a life-changing experience, even if not exactly the change I was expecting. When I first decided to go, I really didn't know what I was getting myself into, but it has turned out to be a enormous turning point in my life. I grew so much both spiritually and personally. The DTS is something I will never forget."

Nicole (24)
"Shortly before outreach, I sprained my ankle during the Team Building weekend. After a week of it not getting better, it was jeopardizing my plan to go to India. The whole DTS prayed for me until I was healed. The next day I was running in Berlin, a week later I was hiking in Switzerland, and a month later I was dancing in India."

Mona (24)
January '09: "If we can really make a difference in this country, I can't go back to normal life." March '09: "I can't go back to normal life!".

Melody (18)
"I've grown so much the past seven months. I've been broken down and built back up again. Now I am right where God wants me, and that just happens to be exactly where I've always dreamed of being. I know that I have the power to make a difference, and with that comes the responsibility to do something about it. This is the beginning of the rest of my life with God."

Annababe (23)
"I've never experienced God's love in such an intense, powerful, and intimate way before. He has the most beautiful heart, and seeing just part of it is something that changed my life and is something I will always cherish."

David (27)
"DTS compels you to examine, justify, and stand up for everything you believe in. During this time, there are no excuses for complacent Christianity. First you make yourself right with God, then you go into the world and demonstrate your commitment to serving God's Kingdom."

Dates and Costs*:

- Marriage of the Arts Nürnberg/Germany
Date: 05.09. 2015 – 20.02. 2016
Costs: Lecture Phase 800.- € (1050.- US$)

Date: 12.09. 2015 – 27.02. 2016
Costs: Lecture Phase: 800.- € (1050.- US$)

- Marriage of the Arts DTS Florida /USA
Date: 23.01. 2016 – 09.07. 2016

Costs: Lecture Phase 800.- € (1050.- US$)

- Gamers DTS Nürnberg
Date: 02.04.2016 - 20.08.2016
Costs: Lecture Phase: 800.- € (1050.- US$)

*Costs for the Outreach Phase are for all DTSes the same and depend on the outreach location you choose. Ususally between 1500.- € and 2000.- € (2000.- US$ - 2700.- US$).

Live Classroom

Outreach Phase
  • Every year we are training hundreds of people in our DTSes.

    Some of our Discipleship Training schools have a special focus, like the Marriage of the Arts DTS or the Justice DTS. Some schools are crazy and big with more then 120 students, others are cozy and smaller. All our schools are bi-lingual in German and English! Students venturing from countless nations; from the north, south, the east and the west. All coming to Herrnhut. The youngest student might be 16 and the oldest 99. Most are singles, but even that can change during a DTS. Not only do we love sinlge people but we welcome couples, families, and single parents to come along with their children. We believe that everybody needs discipleship.

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My outreach changed me forever.

Before we left Germany, we were all excited about serving in China, but we had only raised half of the total estimated budget. The entire team prayed for the funds, feeling confident that God would provide everything needed to get the eleven of us to China.

With full knowledge of our financial situation, base leadership gave us their blessing and sent us out, promising to pray for us. The day of our departure, we went to the airport with only half of the money. We had faith God would bless our finances if we began doing his work.

We flew to China, excited for God's adventure and full of joy. After six weeks, we were short on money again. We didn't know how we were going to finish outreach. We called the base and asked them to join us in prayer. During our time of intercession, a team member had the impression that we were going to literally eat money. 

The next morning we went to a small bakery that had less than ten loaves of bread sitting uncovered on a glass shelf. Using our last bit of money, we bought a loaf for breakfast.

Back at our house, we were drinking coffee while our teammate Alex cut the loaf in the kitchen. Suddenly, Alex started screaming hysterically, "There's money in the bread!" We ran into the kitchen to see.

On the counter, was the cut-open loaf of bread. There were ten rolls of cash baked into the bread-10,000 yuan (about USD $1500) altogether. After a moment of stunned silence, we started screaming and jumping around.  God had miraculously provided for us! There is no other possible explanation!

After the vivid impression we received of 'eating money' God had given us the money in a way none of us could ever have imagined. Throughout the outreach we saw God's protection, supernatural healing, and open doors for us to share the gospel. We didn't have to worry about money for the rest of outreach, and even had some leftover when we got back to the base.

If God is calling you to do a DTS and you don't have enough money, dare to take that step of faith and go anyway. God loves providing for His children, and your faith will grow exponentially as you see how He works in your life.

Emily (29)

My outreach team worked in the West Bengal state of India, focusing on orphans and unreached people groups.

This ministry embraced the boys of the Howrah Train Station. Over 3.5 million people go through this station every day, and it is a common dumping ground for unwanted children.

This leaves over a hundred boys ranging from age 7-17 living in quasi-tribal societies. They spend their time sniffing glue, stealing from train passengers, and collecting plastic from the trash to make money.

I was blessed to spend a week with these guys. I fed them both spiritually and physically, gave them the means to bathe, loved on them with songs and games, and was totally annihilated by them in Cricket. While I was there, I met a nine-year-old named Bipo.

His mother had, in desperation, sent him to a school that would feed and educate him. However, the school staff was abusive. Knowing he couldn't go home, Bipo ran away to the train station.

One day he asked me to pray for him, which I felt privileged to do. After I prayed, he looked at me and simply said, "I want to go home." Bipo had been trying for months to collect 250 rupees to help offset the cost that would burden his family if he returned home.

250 rupees is about five U.S. dollars. I immediately replied, "If what you say is true, I'll take you." I had the joy of spending the next three hours traveling across Calcutta with Bipo by my side. I wept most of the way there, because after telling me that he never slept soundly in the train station, Bipo fell asleep in my lap. Upon waking, he said, "That's the first peaceful sleep I've had in a long time."

What a great picture of Christ's love for all of us: protecting us, giving us rest and comfort, and taking us home. Jesus was tangible and alive in that moment. We finally found Bipo's family. After talking to his mother, I found out that Bipo's father is a heroine addict and drunkard, so the responsibility to provide for the family falls entirely on her. She said that all she needed to support Bipo and his sister was a scale to sell vegetables in the market. Hers had been stolen. I bought her the nicest scale I could find. Five dollars gave Bipo his life and family back. Five dollars and someone who was willing to say, "I care," showed Christ to the forgotten.

Brady (21)

Believing that we were the ones God had been waiting for, the Ethiopia outreach team took decisive action to prevent the murders of children believed to be cursed, established a cafe for four women who desperately wanted to escape lives of prostitution, and began a discipleship process for a group of young men who live in a place called Garbage City.

Knowing that six children were due to be killed within the first few weeks of outreach, we raced down to the Karo tribe to save them. The Karo believe in an ancient superstition called Mingi (untouchable). In certain birth circumstances, Mingi children are believed to be cursed, and therefore must be removed in order to protect the tribe.

The kids are either abandoned in the wilderness or thrown into the river. It truly was a rescue mission. We committed ourselves to establishing an orphanage called Drawn From Water. As we continue to work for the end of this despicable practice, the tribal elders have agreed to let the parents decide whether to surrender the children.

As of March 2009, nine children were saved and living in the orphanage. On our way to the Karo, we stopped in a town called Jinka.

We befriended four girls who had suffered family hardships and resorted to prostitution as their method of survival. It was obvious they wanted to escape that lifestyle, so we asked God how we could help them.

The girls shared a dream they had of running a small cafe. That's how the Rahab Project was born: we decided to disciple the girls and give them all the tools they needed to start their business. We were able to witness their decision to leave prostitution and take advantage of the opportunity God gave them to start anew.

In Addis Ababa, we wanted to find the poorest of the poor. We found them in Garbage City, Addis Ababa's only landfill. God gave us eyes to see past the filth, flies, and trash. We gave them gifts, ate with them (our food and theirs), shared the Gospel, and prayed we could somehow change their circumstances.

God answered our prayers and a new long term project was born in order to give them a good future and discileship training. By submitting to God´s instruction that we answer our own prayers, we did not leave the responsibility to fight for justice in someone else's hands. In recognizing that He has empowered us to do His work, we stepped into these people´s stories and made a way for God´s redemptive power to be seen in Ethiopia.

David (27)

The sun was hot as Lisa, Elisabeth, Nadine and I followed our translator through Chitwan, Nepal. The dust in the air stuck to our sweaty skin. We had just come from a house visit with one of the new believers in the village and were making our way back to the base, over an hours walk away. Our stomachs rumbled, more than ready for a rice and dall meal.

In the village square, Lisa asked if she could stop and buy some socks. The rest of us took the opportunity to buy some crackers for the walk back. We turned around to find Lisa in front of a small shop with a woman we did not know. She beckoned us over and said, "This woman would like us to pray for her".

The woman began to speak in a language we did not understand. We all turned to our translator, Devendra, who said, "When we were here last week you prayed for her mother's back pains."

Last week we had preached an open-air message. We had walked up and down the street inviting everyone to come watch our drama. When we had a huge crowd of people surrounding us, we performed and then I gave my testimony. Many people came up to us afterwards and asked for prayer, including an elderly woman who was suffering from back pain. We prayed for her several times, but nothing had happened by the time we left.

Devendra looked at us with a smile, his voice rising with excitement. "Apparently, her mother was healed and so she would like for you to pray for her knee! It has been causing her a lot of pain." The atmosphere in our group changed as we realized God had used us to heal someone and now her daughter was stepping out in faith and asking for the same! My heart began to pound, swelling with joy. I knew everyone else was feeling the same way. We no longer cared that we were hot, tired, and hungry as we laid hands on the woman in front of us. I felt the Holy Spirit wash over me as I prayed healing over this precious daughter of God. As our prayers ended there were tears in her eyes. Her lip quivered as she began to speak.

"She is thanking you. She says she doesn't understand it but the pain is gone!" said Devendra. We soon had a line of people waiting for prayer. Some had minor aches and pains, while others had more serious issues. Some experienced healing while others just thanked us. Either way we were excited to be doing God's work and sharing His love! One woman explained that she had a life-long pain in her joints, which caused her to lose sleep and work. I began to beg God to heal her before she even finished talking. I knew that God was capable of healing her. I felt the Holy Spirit even stronger as our voices joined in prayer, lifting up this woman and her pain to God.

Our voices stopped. Her eyes began to water and her face broke into a huge smile. Her voice choked with emotion as she began to speak.

"She says the pain is completely gone! It vanished," said Devendra.

I knew that God really had touched this woman as I watched her wiggle her thumb in wonder.

She jumped up and began to speak excitedly to a group of women, pointed at her knee, and held out her thumb. The crowd around her began to grow. We had huge grins on our faces. The genuine happiness and power of God began to spread through the crowd. The requests for prayer continued and we went on for another hour, praying for the pain in people's bodies and souls.

You could feel the difference in the people as we began to walk away. Nadine turned to me and said, "Alyssa, let's run. I have so much joy and energy. I don't know what to do with it!"

Smiling, I responded, " I know exactly how you feel."

With that we took off, running down the dirt roads of Chitwan, Nepal singing and shouting our praises to God.

Alyssa Isom

In the 1700’s a group of persecuted Moravian Christians found refuge in the little town of Herrnhut, Germany. They came under the care and leadership of a man named Count Zinzendorf, whose life motto was “I have one passion: It is Jesus! Jesus Only!”. They grew together as a community who wanted more of God and fervently pursued His presence. One evening during a meeting, the Holy Spirit came upon the entire congregation (they called it their own "Pentecost") and the town of Herrnhut was marked forever.

Soon after their Pentecost, the group of Moravians were divinely inspired to begin day and night, 24 hour, intercession (prayer) which lasted for over 100 years! From this, came what we now know as the modern day missions movement.

REVIVE is a Discipleship Training School committed to seeing the presence of God be the center of every student and staff's life - we desire to set a platform for intimacy with Jesus that will last not only for a season, but for a lifetime! Through worship, prayer, and intimacy with Jesus, we want to raise up a REVIVED generation who is devoted to see revival brought to Germany, Europe, & the nations. We are made to be a generation of steadfast, wholehearted, lovers of Jesus who can't help but spread the best news that ever happened - the gospel!

Through the REVIVE DTS we believe we will see a generation trained and equipped. We want YOU to join us as we build upon the legacy of one of the longest revivals in history!

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A GERMAN/ENGLISH SPEAKING DTS FOR ARTISTS & CReative People of all ages and nationalities.


We offer the Marriage of the Arts DTS at our YWAM base in Herrnhut, Germany and our new satellite location in Sarasota/Florida, USA.




ATOM Magazine Edition 1
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The staff of Youth with a Mission strive to know God and to make Him known. Many of us in YWAM are called to specific people groups and others to entire nations. We are teachers, pioneers, church-planters and church leadership. We oversee medical clinics, work in orphanages, and attend to the sick.

Three-Fold Strategy
There are three main ways strive to take the Gospel to all the world:
• Evangelism - spreading God's message.
• Training - preparing workers to reach others.
• Mercy Ministries - showing God's love through practical assistance.

These ministries are implemented in many different ways by the basic unit of YWAM: teams, which can be small or large, mobile or localized, made up of short-term volunteers or long-term staff. Each of these teams is committed to a specific goal of evangelism, training, or mercy ministry, working in cooperation with local churches and sister organizations.

What are we?

It is not easy to define YWAM. We plant churches, but we do not subscribe to a certain denomination. We prepare and commission missionaries, but we are not a theological seminary or Bible school. We send missionaries, but we are not a sending agency. We have mercy ministries, but we are not merely a humanitarian aid agency.

It seems like a contradiction! But we cannot put YWAM in a box because each ministry that we develop across the globe is directly tied into the unique gifts and calling that God has placed in our YWAMers!

When the disciples asked, "Master, where do you lay your head?" Jesus answered, "Come and see." They followed and saw wonders.
The word "organization" really does not reflect who we are. We are more a dynamic community, a growing movement of people of all ages from all over the world. YWAM is made up of thousands of missionaries who don't receive a salary and who make daily decisions based on God's direction. People describe us as a walking miracle, because without God no logical argument can explain our mission.

The Story begins in 1960 with an ordinary young man and an extraordinary vision. Loren Cunningham described it as a waking dream. He saw a map of the world with waves crashing onto the continents, advancing inland until all the nations were covered.
Loren says, "As I watched, the waves became young people of all races... talking to people on street corners and outside bars. Going from house to house. Helping the lonely and the hungry. Caring for people everywhere they went. . ."
That God-given vision became a reality. Loren started Youth with a Mission in 1960. Since then, thousands of people have been trained to fulfill Christ's commandment to "Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature" (Mark 16:15).

YWAMers are diverse – young people, families and retired persons. We come from many ethnic and educational backgrounds, denominations, and countries around the world. We love Jesus and thank God for allowing us to play a part in helping to fulfill the Great Commission. YWAM has over 17,000 full-time staff and annually trains approximately 32,000 short-term workers to minister in over 850 operating locations in 170 countries.






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