The Marriage of the Arts DTS is an opportunity for artists to step into the Great Commission in a new way. Participants will create art that is informed by God's Word in regards to the "least among these,” intern for ongoing ministries, and help pioneer new ministries while preparing for and serving on outreach.  

Our school provides training within your Art Track. Each student will have time to further develop his or her skills and learn new methods to use art to reveal God’s love to others and change the world for Him. This time is also an opportunity to focus on your faith in the context of your identity as an artist. Throughout the course, a wide variety of speakers will lead explorations of relevant topics as they teach, lead workshops, and pass on insight about God’s nature from their personal experience

Our lecture phase is a set aside time and environment where you can actively pursue and push deeper into relationship with God. We strive to be a community of people actively pursuing God together, growing in knowledge, understanding, and skill.


Come closer to him as he reveals the dreams and plans he has for your life. Discipleship does not happen by only sitting in a classroom or behind a desk. Discipleship is an action. It happens by walking with Jesus and following him wherever he leads.




The world is bursting at the seams with stories. Stories of poverty, injustice, and pain... but also stories of hope and change! It is not the stories of injustice that will guide the course of history, but the stories of the heroes who stood and fought for justice.

What if artists began to use their art for something greater than themselves?

We have seen firsthand the potential that lives inside every artist. We witnessed how photographs can change hearts and move people to save the lives of children targeted for death due to a tribal superstition. Staff and student’s music was the soundtrack that led young girls out of  ‘Garbage City’ and into an after-school refuge. Their drawings inspired young women to leave prostitution and start a café. We have seen what artists can do working in their own fields; what would happen if artists from every medium joined together... the possibilities are endless!

How does God want to use you? What stories does He want to write through you? How will you use your gifts, your abilities and your art to change the world? God is dreaming of heroes to write history with him...


Are you one of them?

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Marriage of the Arts Mega Dicipleship Training School (DTS)

Youth with a Mission Herrnhut, Germany.

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Photography Track


The boy squints a little as the reflector bounces light onto his dark face. His big eyes stare deep into the lens of the Hasselblad. The eyes are in focus; within them are a million words telling the story of a harsh life lived on the streets. One click of the shutter and the photo is taken. Weeks later, in a cave of chemicals and equipment, the photo is developed and enlarged and the boy from the street comes to life on paper. His eyes will speak for many others. They will engage and unsettle people half a world away.

The Photography Track writes with light to celebrate the uniqueness and beauty of all humanity and to communicate the often un-seen realities of lives lived in extreme situations. Images of orphaned children in China, tribal elders in the south of Ethiopia and the homeless in Hamburg are captured on film and memory card. For such a visual generation, photography speaks instantly with carefully captured photos. Each print seeks to educate, inform and inspire.

Photography on the field creates a unique environment in which to interact with people. The intimacy and vulnerability of being exposed to the lens will often provoke people to share their lives in a special way. On outreach, you will find that photography opens doors and creates a reason to interact with people.

The leaders of the track have years of experience and a desire to pass on technical skill and passion for the medium. Through monthly in-house exhibitions and weekly critiques you will get feedback on your work and find inspiration in the work of others. You will learn, in the darkroom, to develop your own pictures in a traditional way and how to use current applications like Photoshop to enhance the quality of your work.

The Photography Track provides a chance for you to practice your art in some of the most visually spectacular countries in the world. However this opportunity comes with a price. Are you willing to bear the weight of responsibility that comes with awareness of injustice? If you believe in the power of photography to impact and inspire, communicate and convict; join the Photography Track.

School leaders gallery website:

After the DTS you can continue your photography training by attending our 2year Bachelor of Arts in Photography Program. For more information please visit



Fine Arts Track


Do you have a passion for art?

Do having a burning desire to use your gifts and talents for a greater purpose?

As artists, it is important to use the gifts and skills we have to communicate the injustices in the world. The Art Track will create paintings, drawings and installation pieces that are powerful and inspiring. During lecture phase, you will practice your skills in the studio and outdoors.  Through group critiques you will challenge and encourage one another. You will learn about injustices in the world and will create pieces to provoke and educate. On outreach, you will use art to reach people and to communicate the love of God to them.  Past students have painted prophetic murals in orphanages, taught Indian students new ways to express themselves in worship and put on art shows in coffee shops in China. In the Fine Art track, we want to seek the heart of the Creator of the universe and be able to use personal revelation in our work. Are you ready to come and take part in projects that speak about issues of injustice, personal expression, the prophetic and God’s heart and imagination?

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The Graphic Design Track


The graphic designers work away intently. Macs with the latest edition of Photoshop; eyes focused on details. Color, shapes, and shades transform cold dry text into a visual feast. Art is poured onto every page. Pictures come alive and words have more depth. Graphic designers capture imagination and creativity to make information interesting. The dated images associated with a Christian publication are thrown out of the window in favor of grungy textures and vivid illustrations. Graphic design is a marriage of information and imagination and seeks to find ways to communicate in a visual medium to a new generation. The visuals pick up where the words finish and carry the message into the memory. MOTA's talented graphic designers have used their skill and aesthetic eye to make stop-motion videos speaking out the truth about human trafficking, advertising labels to support projects , postcards preaching the facts about modern-day slavery, and websites to inform a technology focused generation about extreme poverty. Graphic design is changing the way the world networks, be part of the movement!


YWAM, YWAM, YWAM, Youth with a Mission, YWAM Germany DTS, YWAM Germany, ARTS DTS, CREATIVE DTS, PHOTO DTS, PhotogenX DTS, YWAM Hurlach, YWAM Germany, YWAM Europe, Photo DTS, Arts DTS, Aalesund DTS, DTS

The Music Track


Who does not know the feeling of cold chills going down your back when Eddie Van Halen is shredding the guitar or when other great musician performs at their best?


It is no secret that music can touch us on a level far deeper than many other experiences. Music is powerful, emotive and is used to communicate and entertain. The Music Track creates a pathway for you to make music that reflects your heart. By seeking godly revelation and inspiration you will write lyrics, create melodies and perform your songs. During lecture phase you will experiment with different types of music, learn theory perform at open mic nights and experiment with band dynamics. Outreach will take you a different level, pushing you to adapt to different instruments and stretching you to perform in front of large groups. To gain experience in another facet of the music industry, all music students will record and produce a CD (in our own Professional Sound Studio)  with tracks created during the school. If you thrive in a creative and encouraging environment, bring your skills and let us help you share your songs with the world. 


Journalism & Photo Journalism Track


The Journalism & Photojournalism Track needs people passionate about objectively reporting the truth, capturing life in action and telling the stories that the world needs to hear.


New Track! More Information coming soon.


The Writing Track


Capture God’s heart with the written word!  In this track, students create fiction and nonfiction writing pieces to know God and make Him known. Assignments challenge them to reflect on faith, express a variety of themes and experiences, and complete a personal long-form writing project such as a novel or collection of stories.  


Handmade Art Track


Do you love creating things with your hands and sharing them with others? Do you want to use your gifts and skills to bring hope and change to people who desperately want it? Do you want to learn how all this can come together in a practical and exciting way?


By seeking inspiration from nature, life and tapping into the creative heart of God the Handmade Art track will stitch, glue and design their way through many collections. At the start of every project the team will seek out God for words and impressions to use as a foundation on which to build a collection.  Every hand-made piece is infused with personality and imagination and reflects not only the influences of the surroundings in which they were created but God-given revelation. You will seek for revelation to be expressed in your art and to be a tangible reminder of what God is doing in your life. Past projects have included leaves pressed onto pages to echo the Herrnhut woods and bring to mind Bible passages and bright hand-sewn dresses that were inspired by the vibrancy of India and were made after personal realization about how God values every individual girl.


The track students are flexible, resourcefully using whatever is available to them to create.  The castle attic studio is a haven of creativity; glass jars overflow with an eclectic mix of buttons and glossy spools of thread. Fabric and paper sit neatly on shelves waiting to be transformed into items of whimsy and purpose. In a mass-market world the Handmade Art track brings back the intimacy of individual artisanship. From journals to hair accessories, each piece is made with love and care for a greater purpose. We want people to follow Christian principles when they consider which products to purchase. The hope is that the items we make raise money to help lift people from crushing poverty and will bring awareness to the injustices many live with daily. By using God-given inspiration, learned skills and special gifts you will bring lasting impact to the lives of many. If you dream patterns, love textures and cherish that moment when revelation takes shape in your hands then come and create with the Handmade Art track!

The Video Track

There has never been a time when it was so easy to capture the world around us, the injustices in our backyards, and the poverty hidden in our cities. To share life as it is in motion, to tell the stories of those who do not have a voice for themselves. By using their passion and skill for cinematography, past students have made a film about trafficking, documented a conference, filmed a metal band and created videos about their outreaches and the issues they were confronted with while visiting the developing world.


During lecture phase, through hands on experience, you will have an introduction to journalistic work. You will learn to use the camera in fully manual mode, operate studio lighting and work with a green screen. By working together the track will learn about the importance of teamwork, flexibility and planning. You will also have the opportunity to document the adventure and craziness of dozens of world-changing staff and students heading onto the mission field in the developing world. The hope is that those who see the reality of people suffering, work to effect change and don’t deny the responsibility that awareness brings. If you want to shake up the You Tube generation with powerful and persuasive video messages then stand up, take the next step and come and have fun with the Video Track.

Dance Track


Very few things bridge social and cultural divides like dance. From the jungles of Africa to the cities in Asia, dance lives within the soul of every culture. Even though every people group and generation has a different and unique type of dance, they all share it in common. Dance is an art that expresses emotion- bounding joy or powerful anger.  It transcends language and communicates feeling in a powerful way. The Dance Track will help you to use your body to worship God and to engage audiences in messages about injustice. Throughout the track you will learn to use dance to intercede, worship, educate and entertain. Outreach will provide a unique opportunity to take dance to the world. Past students have performed in churches in Kenya, schools in Ethiopia and on the streets in Nepal. They worshipped alone on the rooftops of India and performed in front of hundreds at a Not For Sale conference in Hamburg, Germany.

Dance brakes down barriers and enables you to reach out to the communities in which you will serve on outreach. Previous MOTA students have found that teaching children has brought out leadership qualities and encouraged boldness. The Dance Track will help you to seek inspiration through music to maximize your individual gifts and skills to glorify God.  You will learn from one another and thrive in a creative environment that will nurture your passion. If you live to move and want to take your joy to the world then the Dance Track is for you!


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Our outreaches go to countries in Africa and Asia where the need is the greatest. God will work through you to serve the poor and needy and bring the Gospel to those waiting for hope.


Many past outreaches concentrated on certain people groups like the Kara in southern Ethiopia where the outreach members lived with the villagers and shared God’s love through words and deeds. Other teams concentrated on an entire region and visited multiple countries during their outreach.

Every outreach is different and has a unique focus. Past and current DTS groups from our base have worked with street kids, prostitutes, Muslims, Mercy Ministries, teaching in churches, and practical construction work. We are still learning what types of outreaches God is revealing to groups of artists. We invite you to explore your God-given artistic talent and this future with us.

  After you return with your fellow students from outreach, your head will be bursting with new ideas about the world and the path God is challenging you to embrace. This time will be for portfolio completion, an exhibition event, and processing with our staff to ensure you feel ready to step into the new seasons of ministry in your life.  Whether you join our mission, pursue other field assignments, or return to serve your home community, we want to prepare you for everything you’ll need. 




A look back at the MOTA.

84 Pages.


This magazine was producd by the Students of the Marriage of the Arts Mega DTS 2010/2011 to show what the school is all about.

Use the contact form to order a printed copy of the Magazine.


Open publication.



152 Pages.


This book was produced by one of our DTSes. The pictures, stories, writing, graphic design was produced by our students and staff. The book is about ending extreme poverty and how you can help fighting it.

The profits of the book support the different projects that are mentiond in the book.


You can order the book online here.

For an online preview click here.



"I was already a professional photographer when I came; and yet, I learned the things that are important for my life, my calling and about my responsibility and response to people in need. Photography means writing or drawing with light. I believe with all my heart that God wants to write history with each one of us. God has given each one of us specific dreams and abilities with which He wants to act. Everyone has the potential to change the world. Write history with His light through your life." (Rebecca M.)

"We are called as Christians to bring the message of salvation to the world. We are called as artists to bring what is unseen into being. We are called as worshipers to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. The passion to create and to step outside of the box originates with God. When we know Him enough to really trust Him, those passions will overflow through our photography and through our music. I want to dare to enter into the deep and unknown places, trusting that the Light who lives in us will reveal the most remarkable things to us and to the world." (Joanna B.)

"My whole life, I desired to be creative. So when I found out about the Photo DTS, I thought it was the perfect atmosphere and environment to be creative, learn about God, and learn about how use my art to help people. 
The school helped me to realize how art can make a difference in someone's life. Every time I got to take a photo of someone, it was my way of showing them that they were special; they were worth being noticed, being loved. And if that one photo changed a little bit of how they saw themselves and it brought God's truth into their lives just even a tiny bit more, then I knew it was worth it. I decided to use art and the creativity that God has given me to continue to help people in need." (Tiana B.)

School dates:

Germany: Sep 6th, 2014 - Mar 7th, 2015 
Florida (USA): Jan 24th, 2015 - Jul 10th, 2015


Costs: Lecture Phase 800.- Euros (1050.- US$) incl. housing, food, tution. Outreach depends on location; usually between 1500.- to 2000.- Euro.

Languages: English & German.

Age: 16-99 years and older.

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YWAM, YWAM, YWAM, Youth with a Mission, YWAM Germany DTS, YWAM Germany, ARTS DTS, CREATIVE DTS, PHOTO DTS, PhotogenX DTS, YWAM Hurlach, YWAM Germany, YWAM Europe, Photo DTS, Arts DTS, Aalesund DTS, DTS
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