Is your heart burning for serving God and people? Do your carry passion for art and photography in you? Do you feel the longing to give this all more room? Do you wish to use art for a higher purpose? God placed this longing in you. It’s time that you start living in it.

Photography is the art of writing with light to bring light in the stories which need to be told. Stories that make us concerned and challenge us to act.

If it is a documentation of children in Nepal, who are sold into prostition to Bombay/India or very expressive portraits of a forgotten culture in the Himalaya. Countless stories that are waiting to be told. Are you ready to be used?

Don’t be satisfied with mediocrity but develop a passion for photography.  Get inspired and be creative. But consider, everything starts with you… with your character, your dreams and your readiness to venture something new. Therefore it is an important part of the school that you get discipleship and grow in your faith. Become someone who brings change. It is an adventure. It is risky. Expect change! God wants to use you.

The DTS (Discipleship Training School) is the entry school of Youth With A Mission. It launches you into the Nations.
The specialty about the fine art Photography DTS is that additional to the regular schedule of the discipleship school you will get in depth training in Photography.

A creative surrounding, qualified teachings and given tasks should allow creative work with the camera. You will learn in the darkroom to develop your own pictures. The main emphasis of the school is on analog B/W-Photography but you will also get a  basis in digital and color photography.